Deep Breaths and Shifting Thoughts

Waiting on a Zoom conference for my knee doctor to give me the results of an MRI and I feel my anxiety start to spike. Here are a few techniques I am using to process it.

1-smile and take slow and deep breaths. I am letting my body know I am alright.

2- shifting my thoughts by telling myself that I am excited for the results instead of being scared to get them. I’m excited I am going to find out what is causing the pain then we will plot a course to remediate the pain.

3- my Anxiety is lying to me. It’s popping so many ‘what if’ scenarios in my head that I am getting mentally dizzy. I smile when I think ‘ anxiety is a liar’.

I’m feeling calmer. Now if the doc was on time instead of 25 minutes late. ❤️❤️

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