Will you join me in a social revolution?

Hi, my name is Lee and I am the Atlanta, GA based founder of several visual activism apparel brands such as Women are Not Prey® and Anxiety is a Liar®. I initially started each brand as a personal empowerment brand based on mantras I used. The brands evolved into more than personal empowerment and into visual activism supporting social revolutions. The brands’ focus is to empower a person to “wear the Change they want to see”.

There are social media and store links for each brand. With each purchase of the apparel, I donate a portion of the profits to a local Non-Profit animal rescue group, Planned PEThood of GA.

Spotlight: Anxiety is a Liar®-It’s OK to not be OK and it’s OK to talk about it. I started the Anxiety is a Liar® apparel brand as a form of visual activism to normalize & socialize talking about mental health. Visit the Anxiety is a Liar® store for apparel options.

your anxiety is lying to you