Sexual Harassment and Social Media

I wasn’t going to wear a branded tank top today but I was riled up by a Facebook post. It was an ad from education center with a teenage girl in it. All the lewd comments from the man sexually harassing the teen girl were horrible. My FB friend who saw the ad and comments ( and posted it to her site, which is how I saw it) was able to get the comments removed and we were able to report a few of them.

If you’re male, and you see another male leave lewd comments on posts, call him out. This is what we are asking for with ending toxic masculinity.

I strongly suggest the parents talk with their Children about appropriate behavior and comments. Because I promise you there are some people ( not me, this time) who are going after the people who made the comment and alerting their places of work. The men were sexually harassing a teenage girl. Completely inappropriate behavior.

Please have a candid conversation with your daughter about what comments they receive or via messages received from people.

Below are the screenshots ( my FB friend captured the ones with the harassment)

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